6.0% ALC/ VOL

IBU: 19

No leaves on the trees, frost covers the land. The Kachelofen warms the rooms. Time to channel your inner Siebenschläfer (animal named for it's seven month hiberntion). Malty, full-bodied and with the best spices, the Siebenschläfer brings the feeling of home to the cooler season. As a perfect alternative to mulled wine, you can also enjoy the Siebenschläfer warm. Find a nice warm spot to burrow and Zum wohl! We call it "Winter drink" because it does not follow the Reinheitsgebot (and we are totally okay with that).

HOPS: Mittelfrüh

EXTRA: Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Nutmeg


  • 330ml

  • incl. 19% VAT.